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Two Exercises That Could Help With Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain, Leg pain, numbness, tingling, pins and needles in your leg can all be interrelated conditions that many people experience who seek chiropractic care. Often times this occurs due to some kind of structural or dysfunctional movement of the lumbar spine and pelvis. As the spinal cord descends down the spine, it branches outwards and becomes spinal nerves. As these nerves exit the spinal column they can be compressed by many structures. 🧠

🏃🏻‍♀️These two movements are designed to help restore the curve in your spine as well as relax the musculature that surrounds the spine and can compress these nerves causing radiating symptoms. 🐍The Cobra pose is great at creating extension in your low back and is easy to perform by simply lying on your stomach and pushing your chest and chin straight up to the ceiling. 🕺🏽Hip extensions are also a simple to perform exercise by again lying on your stomach, keeping your leg straight and lifting your leg to the ceiling. Each of these create more extension in your lumbar spine which is commonly decreased in people who experience low back pain. If you are experiencing pain or radiating symptoms down your leg now is a great time to try chiropractic care to manage these symptoms and improve your health. Dr. Brunner takes the time to listen to your needs and identify exactly what will help you feel better, we are a team and together we can get you back to your life!

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