What to Expect at Your Visit

When you book your first appointment we will send you via email some of our paperwork, this will save you time filling out the initial paperwork in our office. Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early to allow yourself time to fill out the necessary paperwork. 
When ready, Dr. Brunner will guide you back to a private room where he will give a thorough exam to identify all contributing factors to your symptoms. Dr. Brunner utilizes an array of hands on techniques including physical exams, orthopedic exams, and applied kinesiology muscle testing to create a big picture of your health. X-rays may also be utilized during the exam, to look is to know, and we don't like taking guesses at your health! 
After the exam, Dr. Brunner will report with you what is going on so that you have an understanding of your health, following that you will receive your first treatment consisting of what he recommends to you based on his exam. Following treatment, Dr. Brunner will provide recommendations for you at home so that you can take control of your own health! 
Dr. Brunner will typically spend an hour with you at your first visit, and follow up visits will be around 10-15 minutes depending on what treatments he performs. 

Hear More About What Our Patients Have To Say

I was in constant pain and unable to find any kind of relief. After just one treatment I felt much better and have since made great progress toward full recovery. Dr Dalton has been an awesome doctor and very much concerned with my well being. I highly recommend him.
                                       -Mike S.
Dr. Brunner has been great at helping my lower back pain. He is so knowledgable and helpful as a chiropractor. He treats the whole body from the adjustment to exercises to help build and strengthen the core. As a very active person I am so happy to have found someone that can help take care of my lower back pain that can really put a damper on life events.
                                    -Tammy S.

Dr. Dalton Brunner, D.C.

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