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Pushing Vs. Pulling and what is better for your back

❓Is it better to push or to pull when moving a heavy object❓ Push causes compressive forces to the joints in your spine. Pull allows the load to be taken off the joints in your spine, allows you to be a little more flexible in how you are moving, and actually makes you a little stronger! By pulling an object whether you are carrying it or dragging it, you activate the muscles in your back called your posterior chain which are the muscles that help to keep your posture erect.

Pushing especially when in a bent forward position creates a lot of compression to the spine especially to the discs of the lumbar spine which puts them at an increased risk of being damaged when pushing which leads to injuries that we see with worker's such as furniture mover's, and physical laborers.

We address these issues when patients present with back pain and look for what will help to strengthen their spine once they are out of pain and functional again to help reduce their chances of pain reoccurring. SHOW LESS

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