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Finding Directional Preference in the Low Back

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Directional preference is something we focus on a lot in the office when helping patients identify what is best for their spine. No two spines are the same, we may all feel pain in a similar fashion and everyone can relate to what a headache, neck pain, or low back pain can feel like, however, the reasons why we experience this pain, the CAUSE, is different for everyone. No two people do the same things all day everyday, therefore, the treatments we give to people are always unique!

These two exercises move your spine in different ways. The Bird Dog is similar to a dead bug in that it builds core stability. It mostly engages the muscles in your abdomen so it can build more stability in the core. The upward facing dog pose puts the spine in extension which promotes the natural curve of the lumbar spine called a lordosis. This can be great for people who have lost the curve in their spine which is seen commonly with degenerative diseases and disc issues. It is always recommended to consult your doctor first before trying to treat your back pain. At our office we provide thorough consultations and exams, explain to you in easy to understand terms what is going on with your body, highlight a treatment plan to work on the specific needs that your body has, all to get you back to your life! ~Dr. Dalton Brunner

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