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How to Improve Shoulder Stability

The shoulder is a complex joint made of 5 joints that all play with a role with how we hold and move our arms in every direction! There are also more than 15 muscles that surround attach to the shoulder that create stability and the high level of mobility that this joint has. With great mobility however, our shoulders have the tendency to lose stability over time as we continuously put strain on this joint constantly. 🏋️‍♀️

This exercise can help improve the stability and control of your shoulder, try it at home!🏠

Standing about 3 feet away from a wall, lean forward and place your hands on a wall so that you have to lean on the wall to keep you upright. Focus on sinking your chest towards the wall so that your shoulder blades are pulled back and together as seen in this video. Then push your chest away from the wall thus slightly rounding your upper back, you want to feel your arms and sides contract to perform this correctly. A progression of this exercise is to do it on the floor in what’s called a pushup plus. You simply perform a pushup and at the top, push your chest away from the ground as far as you can! If you are experiencing shoulder pain, a lot of people are unaware that chiropractic can help! We deal with the joints, muscles, and soft tissues of the body to help improve function, motor control, stability, and mobility which can reduce pain, improve daily life, and your ability to live a more full life!

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