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How to Fix Your Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture is a common finding in many people who suffer with neck pain, shoulder pain, and low back pain. It is also a common habit of people who sit at a desk too long or tasks like reading a book or doing paperwork. Forward Head Posture adds pressure to the neck and upper back which can lead to problems down the road. It is said that for every inch that your head moves forward you add ten pounds of pressure to your neck! Therefore it is important to remain cognizant of your posture and to practice good posture habits! These are 3 simple things you can do to help fix your forward head posture.

1. Roll your shoulder blades back and together to help your head sit more on top of your shoulders.

2. Practice chin tucks to strengthen the deep neck flexors which help stabilize your neck and support better posture.

3. Modify your sleeping postures to help support your neck while you are sleeping all night long!

These simple strategies take time to develop healthy habits but the most important part is to remember to be aware! If you can realize that your head is too far forward you can fix it, and that consistent adapting to your environment is what will really help your neck stay healthy in the long run!

Dalton Brunner, D.C.

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