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Exercises For The Rotator Cuff

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Movement Monday! Rotator Cuff Exercise for Shoulder Stability

💪Your Rotator Cuff consists of four muscles that together create a protective capsule around your shoulder joint. These muscles are crucial for proper shoulder stability and motor control. One of the biggest causes of shoulder pain is due to one muscle in particular, the Supraspinatus muscle. Anatomically, this muscle rests just above the shoulder blade and crosses underneath the A/C (acromioclavicular) joint to attach to the arm (humerus). This muscle is important for arm abduction or lifting the arm away from the torso.

🙅‍♂️A shoulder impingement can arise when this muscle gets pinched as it passes through the A/C joint. To correct this we provide a gentle adjustment to the lower neck and directly to the A/C joint to decompress the muscle. Afterwards Dr. Brunner instructs patients how to perform to their comfort, exercises such as this to reset the scapula (shoulder blade) and restore the proper motion in the shoulder joint. 👨‍⚕️Dr. Brunner takes a comprehensive approach to solving your biomechanical problems, addressing all factors so that you can get better and stay better! This video is not a treatment for shoulder pain, we must properly diagnose your shoulder pain before giving the correct exercise for your individual needs! Call Empower Chiropractic for a Comprehensive exam and treatment plan!

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